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“BYOP: Revisiting and Reworking” with UBCO MFA Poets

Saturday, November 18

Downtown Kelowna branch ORL

1380 Ellis St, Kelowna

3:15 pm - 4:45 pm

Bring a poem you are working on and we will explore tools and techniques to strengthen it. The session will be divided into small groups so that everyone has a chance to have their poem workshopped. Facilitators: Slava Bart, Juniper Charlesworth and Vivek Sharma.

Register here.

Slava Bart is a first-year MFA student UBCO. He comes from Israel and enjoys multilingual and collaborative writing with a penchant for venturing deep into the past and far into the future, reaching across borders and disciplines. He hopes to explore the nihonga art and creative process of a contemporary woman painter from Japan and the life and work of the 18th-century philosopher-poet Hryhory Skovoroda.

Juniper Charlesworth is a writer born in Kamloops. With a passion for all things nerdy, her work analyzes queerness in speculative fiction and explores how the genre creates a safe space for queer folk.

Vivek Sharma is a second-year MFA student of creative writing at UBCO. He has been working on a collection of poems that juxtaposes and entangles life in two valleys, from two continents. When he is not working on his thesis, he can be seen wandering flaneur-like around downtown, taking in the sights and sounds and the vibrant energy of urban Okanagan life, or lounging in a cafe reading forgotten lores of our bygone days. One day he hopes to write something that will buy him few cups of grande chai-tea latte at his favourite Starbucks.

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